Our Favorite Big Hostas

Blueberry Waffles Hosta, a Giant Hosta

We often get asked what hostas we would recommend and, of course, our answer is “All of Them!” We hope you have a really big yard. It is always a hard question to answer as everyone’s opinions are different. We tend to lean towards the dependable growers that grab our attention in the garden. Here Read More

Benefits Of Buying From a Reputable Hosta Nursery!

Well, we can answer this in one sentence. When you buy from a reputable hosta nursery, you are guaranteed to receive a correctly labelled plant that is not diseased! This is not to say that we are perfect but we stand behind our plants and will fix any problems you may have with your order! Of Read More

Growing White-Centered Hostas!

White Centered Hostas Let’s face it, most of us are gravitated to white-centered hostas as the leaf contrast in usually very striking. We all think of hostas as the indestructible, easy, no care plant. The problem with the white-centered hostas is that there is no chlorophyll in the white tissue. The white part of the Read More

Why Grow Hardy Ferns?

Most ferns are not going to add a lot of color to your garden. So why grow them, you ask? For texture, form and contrast. I know I have a soft spot for ferns because there were everywhere in the woods and swamps I loved spending time in as a child. But my love of Read More

Planting Hostas In The Summertime

Planting in Summer is a No-No??  Not So! The rule of thumb has always been to never plant in summer, but rather plant in spring and fall when the weather is cooler. As this is a good rule, it is not set in stone. We do the majority of our planting in the summer months Read More

Why Gardeners Need A Rain Gauge!

The most important ingredient to any garden is water.  We amend and condition our soils in order to manage the water content.  We mulch in order to retain water.  Water is so essential to a successful hosta garden. It would only make sense that an instrument to measure the daily rainfall is a very valuable Read More

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, our gardens are sleeping for the winter and it is definitely cold every morning when we let the dogs out. We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a great start to the holiday season. Happy Holidays from Abby!

The Hosta Sizes We Sell

PJ’s Yorkshire Terrier, Chloe, showcases the sizes we sell. The start up plugs from left to right: 65MM – Rare Breed, Wishing Well, Sparkler, Rockets Red Glare, Mr Blue 35MM – Blonde Impressions, Victory, Thunderbolt, Sugar Plum, Curly Fries The 3 inch pots from left to right: Mouse Trap (with ruler), Sugar Babe, Tiny Bubbles, Read More

The Orioles Are Here In New Hampshire!

The orioles showed up in the gardens last week. For those of you that do not see them, but would like to, it is very easy.  Cut an orange in half (I use the Navel oranges) and place it up off the ground atop a fence post or such. If you remember my blog post Read More

Meet Our Staff

                    Meet our amazing New Hampshire Hostas staff! From left to right: P.J., Sherri, Jean, Richard..and of course Chloe and Abby: the wonder dogs!