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Blogs about birds in our New Hampshire area

Bringing Bluebirds and Tree Swallows Into Your Hosta Gardens

For those that are struggling to develop thriving tree swallow and bluebird populations in their hosta gardens and yards, I have some thoughts on how to reverse this problem. This is certainly not the final solution, but the answer to why you need to help them to be successful in today’s environment. Prior to the Read More

The Orioles Are Here In New Hampshire!

The orioles showed up in the gardens last week. For those of you that do not see them, but would like to, it is very easy.  Cut an orange in half (I use the Navel oranges) and place it up off the ground atop a fence post or such. If you remember my blog post Read More

Building Bluebird Houses

Build Birdhouses! We love to build bird and bat houses during the winter months and even paint them. There are plenty of ideas on the Internet for designing your birdhouses and feeders. This winter we will be constructing some mealworm feeders for the bluebirds to see if we can get them to stick around for Read More

My First Year With a Suet Bird Feeder

Late last winter I found an unused suet feeder while cleaning my workshop. I decided to pick up suet, on my next food shopping trip, and give it a try. At least for the winter. For a mere $1.29/lb, I have had an incredible payback in viewing pleasure. I hung it off a corner of the pergola Read More