Why Should I Grow Fragrant Hostas?

When choosing a new hosta for your garden, very few of you take the flower performance into suggestion for your choice. The majority of people choose the hostas they want because of the leaf color, shape and size. You may not care about the flowers, and I know a lot of people who cut them Read More

How to Grow GIANT Hostas

Key West Hosta, a Giant Hosta

The American Hosta Growers Association defines giant hosta as those that exceed 30 inches in height. There are several cultivars now that are in the 48 inch range. The size GIANT Hostas can achieve in your garden is determined by the light exposure, the available water and the depth and quality of the soil. All Read More

What is a Hosta and Why Should I Grow Hostas?

The easy answer to this question is that they are the most popular, bestselling perennial in the world. That being said, let me give my two cents into why this is true. Hostas are shade tolerant perennials that are extremely hardy and require very little maintenance. They are shade tolerant, not shade loving. Most hostas Read More

Bringing Bluebirds and Tree Swallows Into Your Hosta Gardens

For those that are struggling to develop thriving tree swallow and bluebird populations in their hosta gardens and yards, I have some thoughts on how to reverse this problem. This is certainly not the final solution, but the answer to why you need to help them to be successful in today’s environment. Prior to the Read More

Hosta Pest Control: Deer Deterrent Strategy 102

I would like to share a refined strategy on how to protect your hosta garden from deer. This is an accumulated strategy, built from research and experience. Using deer deterrents successfully can be somewhat of a challenge, but I have applied this strategy within my own hosta gardens with great results. You have to understand Read More

Hosta Sports and Reversions

What is wrong with my hosta? Why does some of the clump look different from the rest? What are hosta sports? What is a reversion? Here is a technical definition of a sport and a reversion. Sport: An individual arising from the result of mutation, chimeral rearrangement, or mitotic recombination that is genotypically or phenotypically Read More

The Subtle Beauty of Epimedium Plants

Epimedium x rubrum

The Subtle Beauty of Epimediums The following is wikiHow’s definition of subtle beauty. “Subtle beauty is almost indefinable and makes a woman seem special; achieving it requires modesty and self-awareness. A person may desire to exhibit subtle beauty rather than being exhibitionist and objectifying the body. Those with subtle beauty don’t scream for attention, but Read More

We’re Excited to See These Beauties!

Montana Aureomarginata Hosta

This time of year we are always dreaming of seeing all the hostas emerge. We all have our favorites but there are some that you just get excited to see again.

Our Favorite Cute Small Hostas

Appletini Hosta, small hosta

Small hostas are perfect as border perennial plants or when you need to fill that small space in your rock garden. These small hostas also make great container plants for a deck or poor soil area in the garden. We like these cuties for their vibrant colors and garden performance.

Our Favorite Blue Hostas

Blue Tooth Hosta

Did you know that blue is the rarest color in a garden? Our blue hosta plants will give your garden true blue colors! From deep blue hostas to soft power blue hosta plants, intense blues and fragrant blues, these shade perennials are sure to delight! We like these blues for their good blue color and Read More