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Why Should I Grow Fragrant Hostas?

When choosing a new hosta for your garden, very few of you take the flower performance into suggestion for your choice. The majority of people choose the hostas they want because of the leaf color, shape and size. You may not care about the flowers, and I know a lot of people who cut them Read More

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, our gardens are sleeping for the winter and it is definitely cold every morning when we let the dogs out. We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a great start to the holiday season. Happy Holidays from Abby!

Meet Our Staff

                    Meet our amazing New Hampshire Hostas staff! From left to right: P.J., Sherri, Jean, Richard..and of course Chloe and Abby: the wonder dogs!

Start A Vermicomposting Bin!

If you have a small area in your garage or basement you can easily start a vermicomposting bin. Vermicompost is the process of composting using worms to create a vermicast (worm manure). The castings left over from the vermicompost contain less contaminants and higher levels of beneficial nutrients than regular compost. These vermicomposting bins do Read More

Spring Dreaming In Winter Mode

We have made it to the New Year and, for most of us, the cold and snow have taken over. The chilly winter months are a great time to plan your spring and summer garden. Gardening may be the last thing on our minds because of the weather but there are plenty of things we Read More