The Hosta Sizes We Sell

Hosta sizes we sell. PJ’s Yorkshire Terrier, Chloe, showcases the sizes we sell.

The start up plugs from left to right:
65MM – Rare Breed, Wishing Well, Sparkler, Rockets Red Glare, Mr Blue
35MM – Blonde Impressions, Victory, Thunderbolt, Sugar Plum, Curly Fries

The 3 inch pots from left to right:
Mouse Trap (with ruler), Sugar Babe, Tiny Bubbles, Dixie Chick Green, Dixie Chickadee

4 inch pots from left to right:
Dick Ward, Tick Tock, Grand Tiara (behind Tick Tock), Grand Slam, Pathfinder, Pewterware, Autumn Frost

The four two gallon hostas behind the 4 inch from left to right:
Alligator Shoes, Striptease, Climax, Earth Angel