Our Favorite Cute Small Hostas

Small hostas are perfect as border perennial plants or when you need to fill that small space in your rock garden.

These small hostas also make great container plants for a deck or poor soil area in the garden. We like these cuties for their vibrant colors and garden performance.

Appletini Hosta, small hostaCherry Tart Hosta, a small hostaCorkscrew Hosta, a small hostaCurley Fries Hosta, a small hostaFrosted Mouse Ears Hosta, a mini hostaHideout Hosta, a small hostaHoly Mouse Ears Hosta, a miniature hostaLittle Treasure Hosta, a small hostaMighty Mouse Hosta, a miniature hostaMini Skirt Hosta, a small hostaMouse Trap Hosta, a miniature hostaRainbow's End Hosta, a small hostaSilver Threads & Golden Needles Hosta, a small hostaSlim and Trim Hosta, a small hostaTick Tock Hosta, a miniature hosta