The Orioles Are Here In New Hampshire!

The orioles showed up in the gardens last week. For those of you that do not see them, but would like to, it is very easy.  Cut an orange in half (I use the Navel oranges) and place it up off the ground atop a fence post or such. If you remember my blog post Read More

Meet Our Staff

                    Meet our amazing New Hampshire Hostas staff! From left to right: P.J., Sherri, Jean, Richard..and of course Chloe and Abby: the wonder dogs!

Which Are The Largest Of The Giant Hostas?

Empress Wu Hosta (40″T x 70″W) and Gentle Giant Hosta (46″ T x 70″W) have been two of our biggest sellers of the giant hosta varieties that we grow over the last two growing seasons. Hosta gardeners are clearly obsessed with size and I can understand this from my own gardening experience. A four foot Read More

What Is The Bluest Or Best Blue Hosta?

We are often asked, “What is the bluest or best blue hosta plant?” It is best to answer this question by first understanding why a hosta is blue. The top layer of a blue hosta leaf is covered with a glaucous coating that provides a blue appearance to the leaf. This coating is often written Read More

Start A Vermicomposting Bin!

If you have a small area in your garage or basement you can easily start a vermicomposting bin. Vermicompost is the process of composting using worms to create a vermicast (worm manure). The castings left over from the vermicompost contain less contaminants and higher levels of beneficial nutrients than regular compost. These vermicomposting bins do Read More

Building Bluebird Houses

Build Birdhouses! We love to build bird and bat houses during the winter months and even paint them. There are plenty of ideas on the Internet for designing your birdhouses and feeders. This winter we will be constructing some mealworm feeders for the bluebirds to see if we can get them to stick around for Read More

Spring Dreaming In Winter Mode

We have made it to the New Year and, for most of us, the cold and snow have taken over. The chilly winter months are a great time to plan your spring and summer garden. Gardening may be the last thing on our minds because of the weather but there are plenty of things we Read More

My First Year With a Suet Bird Feeder

Late last winter I found an unused suet feeder while cleaning my workshop. I decided to pick up suet, on my next food shopping trip, and give it a try. At least for the winter. For a mere $1.29/lb, I have had an incredible payback in viewing pleasure. I hung it off a corner of the pergola Read More