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Our Favorite Big Hostas

We often get asked what hostas we would recommend and, of course, our answer is “All of Them!”  We hope you have a really big yard. It is always a hard question to answer as everyone’s opinions are different. We tend to lean towards the dependable growers that grab our attention in the garden. Here are a few (or more) hostas that we think everyone should have in their shade garden.

If you want big, then our favorites are:

Blueberry Waffles Hosta, a Giant HostaBridal Falls Hosta, a Giant HostaBrother Stefan Hosta, a Giant HostaDevil's Advocate Hosta, a Giant HostaEmpress Wu Hosta, a Giant hostaFinal Summation Hosta, a Giant HostaBlue Legend Hosta, a Giant HostaFrost Giant Hosta, a Giant Hosta Gentle Giant Hosta, a Giant HostaKey West Hosta, a Giant HostaLiberty Hosta, a Giant HostaParhelion Hosta, a Giant HostaSimply Sharon Hosta, a Giant Hosta

Which Are The Largest Of The Giant Hostas?

Hosta Empress Wu, A Giant Hosta

Empress Wu Hosta

Empress Wu Hosta (40″T x 70″W) and Gentle Giant Hosta (46″ T x 70″W) have been two of our biggest sellers of the giant hosta varieties that we grow over the last two growing seasons.

Hosta gardeners are clearly obsessed with size and I can understand this from my own gardening experience. A four foot tall Gentle Giant sitting out in, or standing out in, a hosta bed is a tantalizing thought.

Sum and Substance Hosta (32″T x 72″W) and Blue Angel Hosta (32″T x 70″W) were the big two in popularity among the hosta giants for a long time. And they still are popular. No hosta garden should be without them.

The Hosta Victory (35″T x 70″W) and Dream Weaver Hosta (30″T x 72″W) are also very popular and have the added feature of being variegated.

Hosta Dream Weaver is a giant hosta

Dream Weaver Hosta

The giant hosta Dream Weaver is a personal favorite due to the contrast of the blue-green border and the creamy-white center.

How large a hosta can reach in size is not only determined by the cultivar you choose.

Location has a great deal to do with its ultimate size. Giant hosta plants need unlimited water and a deep rich soil, more so than the smaller cultivars of hosta.

You need to select a site away from competing tree roots to get a giant hosta plant to achieve its maximum potential.